Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Felt Valentines

I had to post this right away, because the kids are having such a blast playing with today's craft. We made felt cards to mail back and forth to each other on Valentines day.

 Each of the kids has a little metal mailbox and they love nothing more than playing mailman with the reusable envelopes.

Here's a picture of the very basic shape you cut out of felt.  Embroideryour stamps, addresses and heart embelishments first (as they will be tough to reach once envelope is stitched shut.

Next, fold into shape and stich the envelopes pocket. I also topstitched the envelope flap and stitched velcro as a closure.

I also stitched "cards" with embroidered messages. To hide the backside of my stitches I fused another piece of felt on the back. This also worked to beef up and add a nice stiffness to the cards.

Mwaaa!! Happy Valentine's Day!

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Karla said...

So cute! I saw this before valentine's day, but didn't get a chance to make them with my son. But we'll definitely be making them anyway, he can use them with his Mail Man bag I made. Thanks for sharing!