Friday, June 17, 2011

Summary of book

      Think Twilight, but instead of vampires, it's people who control the weather.  A teenage girl fresh off a heart transplant falls for one of these 'balancers' and is pulled into an ancient society that has a hand in keeping Earth within the tiny windows of climatic variables that life can tolerate.  Oh, and the guy is incredibly hot (there's the teenager hook).

   Official Summary:   After spending most of her life in a hospital on the transplant list, Claire’s extensive experience in awaiting death has in no way prepared her for the perils of high school. She just wants to keep her head down and get through her junior year as uneventfully as possible. That is until she meets James Gray. Well actually, she doesn’t meet him as much as she has a heart attack in front of him and he gives her CPR until paramedics arrive. He’s the mysterious local stunner, with gossip and questions swirling around the disappearance of his older brother. When a mutual friend becomes seriously injured in a fall, Claire witnesses James’ secret power to manipulate the elements. This level of power attracts bad guys who would happily kill a few teenagers to get it. But it ends up that it’s not James they’re after. Because of her heart donor’s secret, Claire becomes a target that only James can save. He’s talented, kind, beautiful and as close to a super-hero as can be-- but it’s tough to let yourself fall in love when you’re more comfortable saying goodbye.

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Kelltie said...

Jen- this is Kelltie by the way- I am so excited for you! I was actually thinking about you a couple of weeks back and wondering if you ever finished your book thatnyou were working on. So now I have the answer! Congratulations! And we miss you over here in Brooklyn park!