Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tiny Boats

There's nothing like sailing a boat to slow down the worries of the day.

Yesterday there was a little river of water down our driveway, so we made boats to ride its currents.

The mighty vessels were made of popsicle sticks and scrapbook paper for the sail. First, break a popsicle stick into thirds. The two rounded end pieces were the base of the boat.
Next you bend a tooth pick in half. Hot glue it to your base and then top it off with the middle popsicle stick remnant.  Cut out a square of pretty paper and thread it onto the toothpick for a sail.

It actually floats.  When the outdoor river dried up we made more boats to float indoors. I gave the kids pans of water and straws for them to blow like they were the wind. We had races. The boats didn't like this, because when kids get exicted- like when they're racing-- they tend to blow really hard and the waves get all tossy and turbulent and when the paper sail gets damp it's pretty much Titanic time. Or in other words, time for that idiot Rose to give up her chance on the lifeboat.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely adorable to make and it's so cheap and decorative! I really love this idea!

pickygirl said...

thank you!

Jen Hansard said...

This is so cute!!! My kids would love to make this!
Would you like to share this on FamilySponge? It could be a guest post? This is exactly the kind of thing our readers would love to do. If so, could you email me back at jen (at) familysponge(dot)com

Jadah {family sponge} said...

We posted your tiny boat for the boat parade on Family Sponge: We are so excited to share this!