Monday, September 26, 2011

Paper Mache with Leaves Deer Head

My submission for Crafting from the Sidelines:
What is it, you ask?  Well, it's a faux deer head papermached with leaves and with branches for antlers.
This week's theme was "knock-off", I thought it would be fun to incorporate knock-down, drag out fight.
so my inspiration was this fab white deer head from Z gallerie and it is pitted against the pile of leaves in my back yard.  Z gallerie vs. Mother Nature.


Start with cardboard and tape-- Lots of it.  add a plastic bottle for a neck and two packs of rigid wrap or make your own paper mache

Hint on ears-- deer ears are bigger than you think.

The next step was not captured in a kodak moment, but if it was then the image of my spray-painted deer head would have been cloaked in blue smoke. (that's what my grandma always said happened to the air when people swore too much.) Disclaimer here: I am a mother of three, and as there is no proof, I will claim till the end that I don't swear.
There was a lot of frustration when I spray painted this thing. Spray paint is not the miracle cure I sometime wish it to be. Honestly, when I set out on the project, I wanted a white deer. I sprayed this papermache nightmare white and it ended up looking like a creepy mummy deer--  all these bandages and lumps.  It was not good, even for halloween time.

So, I went and got some green spraypaint and really doused the head and I went inside to wait. It was a windy day and when I got back outside to survey my project, it was covered in fallen leaves.
And the leaves were stuck fast.  The kids came home from school about then and were like, "Cool Mom!  You're making a pinata with leaves!"  Oh, and they also said, "YOu are the coolest, nicest, best looking mom on the block and we love all your cooking."

K wanted to glue on some more leaves so we went for it. I highly recommend it for an afternoon project.  The kids collected and surveyed and delicately placed leaves all around the deer head until it got dark.

Check out the crafting entries on the previous post trying to kick this deer's trash.  Vote for your favorite!

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Here's what I want to be inspired by today...

They're little shoes made by Bess.  I really like them.


Elle @ Liberty Elle said...

This is brilliant! I love all of the animal heads I've been seeing around the blogosphere, but never thought of making my own. The leaves and wood antlers are a nice addition!

Kim said...

I happen to like when the unexpected happens! Usually the best things happen when we don't plan! I would have never thought to tackle this kind of project so kudos to you!