Thursday, October 6, 2011

Living in a Camper

A few months back I was thisclose to living in a camper. Didn't I mention that? Hmm, that would be because living in a camper in a walmart parking lot isn't usually the fodder for casual blog convos. Chuck (husband) was living in Boston doing some extra training and was gonna be there for 6 months.  BOSTON!  How cool!?  I decided I'd yank the kids out of school and we'd go live there with him for a few months.  But, pay attention if you're thinking of moving to downtown Boston for a few months. They don't do "few month" leases. They don't do cheap leases either. 

Just add a blind pug and a few more kids to the picture and you get the idea of what, under my guidance, our family was headed for.

     There had to be a way to make it work, right? My genius solution was to buy a camper. We would pick up a junky hunk out there and we'd live in it a few months. Park it somewhere beautiful (walmart was not part of this picture). I imagined Eastern Ocean vistas greeting us with every rising sun. Dolphins jumping as I took my 6-year old out to pee in the bushes each morning. I pictured Boston accents saying things like, "Nice, wahhhgon you got there, Missy." Yeah, I was going to look younger in Boston, too.
    It ended up that just in the nick of time before I purchased a really choice, green hunk of trailer park antistructure, that we learned that Boston doesn't have parking.  At all. Anywhere. Especially for ugly, green winnebagos.
    Instead, we found an apartment, right off Newbury Street in Fenway and it was amazing.  I wouldn't have traded that experience for anything.
Maybe the whole camper life wouldn't have been so bad if we could have made it look like this...

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LuciRae said...

Ok I have to admit... I am slightly jealous of that camper! It is so cute.