Monday, April 9, 2012

Scout Turns Two

Our youngest is now double digits (if we went by roman numerals). She's Two.  We considered doing a theme of, "terrible".  Monsters, tantrums, food-throwing and all the things that are in the year to come.  But instead we went with a Sugar and Spice theme-- in hopes that the sweetness would be a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Even if sweetness doesn't fill Scout's personality, the theme was great. We had no fewer than 5 cakes.  The one above is carrot.

Cake was an aquired taste for Scarlett at her last year's fete, so I should have guessed that she'd be cautious about it this year. 

She only stayed cautious long enough for me to snap a picture. By the time the flash faded, she decided she loved cake, that we were horrible parents to have kept it from her for so long, and that it was best eaten by cave-man-style handful.

It goes by too fast.

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