Sunday, November 27, 2011

Visiting Grandman and Grandpa in Orange County, CA

Thanksgiving 2011 in Mission Viejo, CA  with ma and pa Jones. And it was FABULOUS!

First of all, their place is gorgeous, on the edge of this cliff where the sun always shines and the hummingbirds always chirp and the pool is always welcoming.  Well, the pool being welcoming had a lot to do with the fact that grandma and grandma were extremely kind in heating it up to toasty-toes temperatures night and day.

And yeah, I'm not kidding about the night part. the kids sometimes woke up before those chirping hummingbirds I mentioned and then they swam until way past bedtime.

They only came out of the water a handful of times in the seven days we were there. I won't include any photos here, but Charlie actually swam until his feet bled.  Bet you didn't know that could happen. I am here to tell you that it can. We think it was a caused by a combination of the newly grouted pool edges and REALLY water-logged little boy feet.

Scarlett was there, too.

Her big brother and sister were good lifeguards for her.

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