Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can't commit to wallpaper

Scarlett's room needed some updating.

  The two of us girlies went shopping at the fabric store and bought a bunch of graphic patterned- stuff. (Scarlett was really pushing for some Disney print mondo huge and even more mondo-ly ugly Elmo themed canvas, but Mommy had the credit card today.)

Instead of wallpaper, I stapled a few panels up nice and taut.  I love the look.


Kari at A Grace Full Life said...

Ok so if that is the pattern that you have pictured, I am in love! So what did you staple up exactly??

Sarah said...

Love it! I've done that before with tapestries and wall to wall curtains when I couldn't paint in rentals. It really does help give the space an edge without costing a lot!

pickygirl said...

That's the exact stuff. I love it. I went back and got some more with the idea of making Scarlett an outfit-- I thought it would be HI-larious if she was like camoflaged against her own wall. Instead I recovered a chair with it-- I"ll post picture tomorrow