Sunday, January 8, 2012

Miniature of My Father

Charlie loves his grandpa. He's even starting to really resemble in him. Not just in the, they're both big-boned and have the exact same hands, but in a freakish, I-can-see-my-father-in-the-way-my-son-spits-out-his-toothpaste kind of way.  When grandpa comes to visit, Charlie does his best to be at his side every minute and to be doing whatever he can to earn a back pat or a hair ruffle or even better, the toss-over-the-shoulder-tummy-tickle. Body type and huge forehead alone makes them look like decade-separated twins, but it's never until I get home and review the photos of a trip that I see more subtle ways my little boy is literally becoming my father right before my eyes.

 Here they are dressed alike.  I know, that's tame. Hardly proof of mini-me/freakish cloning-- but hold on, there's more.  I'll spare you all the proof, but let's just establish right here that they dressed alike every day.

Here's another: same sunglasses. OR ARE THEY??  SEE?  You think they're the same. You think the two boys planned this; went out on some little covert shopping trip and got the matching set, but NO.  They're pretty wildly different sunglass styles but they look like carbon copies because of the wierd bond.

And check that out-- they're walking IN-STEP!  photo after photo, same thing. And under the top shirts, they match, I just foiled the boys plans because it got chilly.

The clone police tried to confiscate this one, but I managed to get it on here as further proof that the sunglasses are distinct-- it's just the mugs they're on that makes them look identical.  Shh!
In step, again.  Hand in pocket.  7 yr old looking bored at "The Happiest Place On Earth"--not easy to do.  

                                     ...that is, unless you're clones.

Now this is where my photo file of proof falls apart.  I have no proof of this, but I swear to you that my father gets out of the pool, the EXACT same way. How can that possibly be genetically passed on through generations?

This is my little Charlie enjoying cotton candy and happy to be following after his idol. And here I conclude this post stating for all the world to read that I couldn't be happier that he's growing up to be a carbon-copy of such a great man.

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The Art of Homemaking said...

Looks like he has someone great to look up to! Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Monday~