Friday, February 17, 2012

Reunion in San Clemente~ Paradise

MelissaHas there been a time in your life, a trip, a relationship, a success that has totally and completely made you feel like you were in a movie? A really good movie, where the music swells at the right time, your heart squeezes in just the right way and you laugh so hard you sort of forget what it feels like to hold a straight face or do something as dull as fold laundry. And you're surrounded by sun, perfect light and gorgeous friends.

I swear it just happened to me.

Mehrsa, Melissa, Amberli

It's like they stepped off a movie set, right?

Ten of my best friends from college and I got together for a reunion in California last week. The weather was gorgeous, perfect really.  We sunned by the pool, talked way too much about way too much and generally felt like we were ten years younger but this time unburdened with college credits and boy troubles.
Shauna, Allison, Melissa, Megan

Megan, Shauna

Amy, Joanna, Amberli, Allison

 Of course, we shopped.

Amy, Tiffany
Allison, Melissa

 Mehrsa, Melissa

The last day of the reunion Shauna's awesome sister put together and Amazing Race challenge for us on Balboa Island. (My team won!) We biked, ran, sang and cursed (Jo) our way through idyllic streets and elbowed our way through quaint shops in the quest for honor and bragging rights. Still sounding a lot like a movie plot, right?

Joanna, Shauna

I'm home now. The movie is over, the credits have rolled and I'm left stunned that there's a real world beyond my chair. But thankfully, unlike a movie, this was real. I had a weekend reunion with the coolest girls anyone could hope to know. I've got memories flashing up in my mind, friendships solidified and even if it had stormed everyday, the four days I spent feeling loved and gigging with my friends would have been some of the sunniest I've had. Movie magic can do that. And great friends can do it too.

And if I ever doubt that this little visit to Paradise truly happened, I've got an indigo feather hair extension to prove it.
Joanna, Shauna, A firefighter for Balboa Island, and me.


familia Bybaran said...

Awesome pictures and write-up. I miss you lots!

Tiffany said...

loved it. surreal really. I wish you lived down the street for the reals. you inspire me.

Shauna said...

I think I have a girl crush on you, just saying!!! You are the best!!!

Amberli said...

love it! beautiful! i was starting the post on my blog and hopped on over to yours for some inspiration! i love you my sweet jenny!!

Tholstrom said...

Ah jenny. You are something special. I'm sitting here just wondering how we John hallers are so blessed to share the relationship we do. Who knew we would grow stronger than we were 15 years ago. I am indeed grateful. Thank you for reliving it again for all of us. I love your guts:)