Wednesday, March 28, 2012

scented hangers

I needed a craft to do with the 9 year old girl's I teach. These little fashionistas are all about clothes already and we are working up to full-fledged sewing.  But, until they're a bit more comfortable with dagger-sharp needles and the potential strangling capacity of thread, the crafts are going to remain mega simple.


 Step one is to wrap a hanger with scrap fabric.

  Hot glue ends to stay put.  Next, make a sachet to hold the smell (you don't want to oil the hanger fabric directly because the oil can damage fabrics and really who wants the shoulders of their Miley Cyrus t-shirt looking shabby?) Besides that, the sachet is just plain cute.

The girls and I chose heart shapes.  Beforehand, I machine stitched a couple dozen mostly closed, leaving a 2-inch opening for the girls to practice stitching up on their own.

3)  Add a drop or two of essential oil to a cottonball and shove inside the heart sachet.
4)Stitch closed.  Very carefully if you're a distracted 9 yr old.

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