Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Uncles and little boys

I know it won't be very long at all before photos like the one above-- of my little boy being a little boy-- will only be found in scrapbooks. I also know that there's nothing like a rough and tumble uncle to make your crazy little boy feel secure enough to hold hands.
It takes something mystical and special to be able to make kids see you as one of them.
 It takes incredible love and patience to even attempt to get into a child's world.

And it takes massive amounts of sunblock to play in the water with them when the rest of us lazy parents have slithered off like lizards for the shade.

This photo to the left was taken by Uncle Danny-- I'd given Charlie strict orders to smile nicely but you can see the weight my words hold when his favorite uncle is trying to make him crack.

There's something more than magical about a man who will love your kids like they are his own.

And there's nothing better (including classy family portraits) than an uncle who makes a little boy feel like one of the guys.



Sara Beth said...

I am honored to even know these beautiful children. I just hope scarlet likes me too and we already miss you.

From uncle Danny

very few people get to call me Danny

pickygirl said...

We're missing you like crazy around here. We were imagining what Easter egg hunting would be like at your place and how you'd hide some eggs a motorcycle-ride away. That's how Charlie described it, that your family hunts eggs by Harley. The kids just take turns leaning over to scoop up eggs and you slow Just Enough.