Friday, July 27, 2012

Aah, we've been framed!

Framed Rings

Instead of having a drawer of jewelry and belts and bags a la Sanford and Son, I'm going to redo my closet using my baubles as the art on the walls. 
I got this frame for a quarter at a garage sale.  If you're high-falutin' enough to spend the TWO quarters and get one with glass, the first step would be to remove that glass.

Cut a piece of foam the size of the back mat. Cover with a simple fabric, remember, you want your jewels to be the stars of the show.

Next, use your sons pocket knife (the one that the neighbors are so concerned about) and slice through the fabric and foam to make slots for your rings.

Hang up and admire and--and this really is the best part-- actually use your jewelry because you actually see it.

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