Saturday, July 28, 2012

Little Monsters

these little monsters practically crafted themselves into existence.

  1) cut out two matching pieces, a front and a back.
  2) stitch the two together together using embroidery floss-- the bigger the stitches, the better. Leave the bottom open so you can stuff it with some fluff and then stitch it closed, too.
 3)  Now embellish. Cut out two or maybe only one white eye circle from felt. Stitch into place using french knots for eyeballs.

4)Stitch a crooked mouth, a snaggle tooth or a grimace.

 I've scented them with essential oils and stuck them in the kids shoes (alas, even a scary monster is no competition for scary foot stink).
 Our latest use for the monsters was to turn them into bookmarks.  Attach some ribbon, and voila!

Scary, yet pretty cute.

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