Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 ft banana split

 One of the true highlights of our family reunion for the kids and adults alike was the dessert longer than an SUV. 

The 10' banana split is very easy to do.  You can either get a length of PVC pipe and jigsaw cut it in half (think of it, you could tape the two together and leave me in the dust with a TWENTY foot banana split!) Or just buy a length of gutter and save yourself the cutting.

Line with tin foil

On a hot summer day, the ingredients will melt fast so have some helpers ready to assemble like it was a race.   One scoops (one time I even prescooped the ice cream so it could quickly doll out the pretty balls), someone slices bananas, someone plops out whip cream, one squeezes chocolate sauce, plunks down cherries, garnishes with sprinkles...
call in the troops, hand out spoons and step back. (or elbow your way in.)  

When in doubt, serve a huge dessert.  Pearls, people, pearls of wisdom.  Cherish them.

 "Oh, aunt Jen, you're such a nerd."

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