Monday, October 8, 2012

Photoshoot with Charlie's Teacher

Last week I met Charlie's 2nd grade teacher and was totally inspired by the man. He has a beautiful wife and young son that he leaves early each day to make the long commute to work. He's goofy with the kids and gets them excited to learn. On many days- though this is not a job requirement- he stays late and teaches an extra course of magic math and raucous reading where he really shakes the stuffiness out of studying makes learning wild and irresistible.

I went home from meeting him and wanted to step up everything about how I lived. I wanted to do good; do better. And I also wanted a way to say thank you without resorting to giving him an, "A+ Teacher" mug.

I offered to take family photos for him and last week got to do just that. The day of the shoot the weather was nippy but the evening light was gorgeous. Then there was his awesome family- so fun and understanding of my 8 yr old non-stop-whistle-tooting assistant, and enviably photogenic. They stepped out of the car and it was sort of like watching a magazine ad for that car. I don't think my photos can ever equally thank him for his mad skills in the classroom, but it's a start.

 Mr. L and family, I hope you enjoy your sneak peak of the photos!
 Elliot was about the cutest little boy, ever.  He put up with the wind and my camera in his face and all he asked in return was to play with the apples.
  Thank you Mr. L for being a teacher and for giving so much of your time and energy to getting little kids started on a path of learning.

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