Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lulu Doll DIY

I came up with a pattern for a doll that Scarlett could have and that I could continue to make embellishments for. We made a few extra for her to give to her buddies as Christmas presents. The other real reason these came about was that I needed an activity to drown my sorrows that I'd finished the Arrested Development series on Netflix.

I love the above picture because Scarlett and Lulu look like twins.

Above is pictured the basic shapes you need to cut out. I used a cotton weave, beige, with a burlapish texture to it. Arms and leg pieces are folded in half- saves you half the sewing. Make the foot shape gently sloping.

Stitch arms and legs together, good sides facing. Turn inside out.  Loosely stuff leg only up to knee.  You want a joint here, so stitch across so that knee will bend back (not side to side). Stuff the thigh a tiny bit. Stuff the arms. Set aside.

Body- it's a trapezoid and I like tall skinny trapezoid shapes to my dolls. Pin all the appendages so that they will be stitched into the body (you'll flip it inside out in a bit).

Lay down the top piece to the body (remember, right sides together). Stitch starting at neck, down side, across bottom and up next side.  Leave neck open.  I like to double stitch where arms and legs attach because this is where they're bound to get yanked.

Flip your headless baby sac right side out. Legs and arms should look pretty nice.  Stuff the body with a handful of fluff.  Now put in about a 1/2 cup of dried beans. Rice works, too, but if you're stitches are too wide it'll sneak out the seams. Stuff the belly the rest of the way with more fluff.

Now onto the head.  Head pattern is two horizontally stretched ovals with a tab for a neck. The head needs hair.  Find some fabric that doesn't fray- girls like to handle the hair. I used a thin faux suede upholstery fabric because it had a shaved velvet feel to it and even stretches before it would ever fray.  Cut out a back of head hair piece- a half circle. Change your thread to color of the hair and stitch hair piece to the back head piece.  Double thick stitch a vertical part down the center of the hair. 

Cut some strips, I did 10,  these will be your pig tails. 

Loop them in half and stitch ends firmly.

Take face piece and take more hair fabric and cut out some bangs, remember they should cover nearly half the face.  I did two overlapping pieces to give some texture.  Stitch bangs in place.

pin pig tail pom poms in place, remembering just like the appendages that they go into the head and you'll flip them out later.  Pin back head piece in place remembering good sides in. Starting at neck, stitch around edge sewing head together, leaving neck open.

Flip head right side out.

What I'm holding in above picture is batting, it's the stuff in cushions- stiff stuffing.  I use this for the spine of the doll. Without it, the head will just flop at the neck joint.  Stuff an inch into the head and 3-4 inches into the body.  Hand stitch the head into place.  To cover the unappealing seam, I stitched this little white slip into place too.

Add some bows in the hair.

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