Friday, December 14, 2012

popsicle stick snowflakes

 I saw these snowflakes in the window of an art supply store two weeks before the ward Christmas party and about an hour after hearing that my budget for that party had been canabalized into oblivion by the service project we'd be doing at the party.  Which, of course, is a better use of money than trying to faux festive the ambiance of a gymnasium, but hey, I have eyes. So seeing these snowflakes that afternoon was serendipitous for me.

Here's all the supplies needed.   Tacky glue is a must, Elmer's will make you nutty.Since I was decorating a basketball court I needed to go big so bought the tongue depressor sized sticks, best price I found was $3/300 at walmart

 Grab 6 sticks and glue their ends together = 3 long sticks

Make a fat x with two sticks

Step 3: add another cross stick making it into a 6-sliced quesadilla

Step 4: to the end of one of your slices, add two sticks to make a point

Step 5: add points to all the ends

Wallaah! you can be done here.  If you want more pizazz and size make some 3 fingered pieces.

Stick these on a stick so it looks like a chicken foot

Now you've got super- walahh

These big ones were over 2' tall when we finished and make a big visual impact with very little money. Plus you can say, the kids did the decorations and they did it with popsicle sticks - this will lower the veiwers expectations but then when they see it they'll be impressed. I hung 50 of them from the ceiling with twinkle lights.

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Gina (Lady Goats) said...

Those are pretty darned awesome. Not sure I'm motivated enough to utilize this tutorial this year, but the little kid is obsessed with snow flakes... who says it has to be done in time for xmas?!