Saturday, March 23, 2013

Crafty Plans for the upcoming year


tiny door
   this is going to magically appear in some baseboard one night.

Sure, I've got some bigger plans, too, but there just aren't clever pictures out there that get me pumped to #34-better organize the tax reciepts. So here's a tasty for the ocular sockets, or a dessert tray for the peepers, or a biscuit for those baby get the picture.
light inks on dark papers
Send pretty cards. And do it once a week.


kraft + pop of green

jokes in the lunch boxes

My daughter's in ceramics class- she could make horses as a mother's day gift to someone special

Simplify down a room to just two solitary, candylicious sprigs of color- here, the clementines (also what we'll name our next pet) and the stark painting.  LOVE stark!
 I really think I could make these loofa-type fruit accents.  I tie those on a ho-hum gift and that gift becomes more likely to be appreciated.

 I have to do much more polymeric clay crafts with the kids. So much of the things they like- polly pockets- seriously stab out the eyes of the joy sensors of my brain. I can't handle most kid play. I've become an old codger. There I've said it. But clay, I can handle and even enjoy.

Add a handle and a big circle to the front of paper bag = cuteness.

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