Monday, April 8, 2013

Hand-Stitched Tags

In our house there are about a bazillion bags filled with....?  Well, we don't know until we open it. And call me lazy, but that's such a hassle, Man! When I have a hankering for Polly Pockets, I'd like to know which bag they're residing in, pronto!

Your first task is to find out what you're going to label. Here, we just finished making some little felt ugly monsters for the youngest to find on her pillow one morning.

 I used some cheap canvas that I had oodles of. First iron pleats

Draw on your word lightly with pencil.

Stitch with embroidery floss only the top layer. Next tack in place a tie.

 Now use a machine to topstitch all around your bookmark resembling creation. Cut raw edges with pinking shears.

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