Saturday, May 11, 2013

I did something well!

This is my own little plot in cyberspace and as such, I hereby proclaim that it's okay for me to be happy for myself-- and to brag up myself a bit.

I just placed third in the NCW fiction short story contest for my entry entitled: What the tree saw

And I just got an honorable mention (11th place) in the Delizion Annual Short Story Competion for my story: Don't Feed the Bums

whoot, whoot for myself!

I can't post these stories here so as to not compete with the publisher's rights, but I'll get you links to read the stories as soon as I can.  And if you're in the neighborhood, stop on by and we'll celebrate with cookies!


Paula Bruno said...

Is there a way to get a copy of "what the tree saw"? I spent 3 weeks with my 80 yr old mom and 83 yr old dad - dad and I planted 10 small trees he'd gotten for giving money to the Arbor Foundation - mom said to dump them but I said let's soak the little roots in water and dig some holes. Dad and I had the best time and each time we talk I hear of more and more leaves on those sticks! I loved the title of your story and felt it would be great to share with Dad!

Jennifer Shepard said...

Hello! I just got permission to share it here- I'll post it early next week. Thanks for wanting to read it!

Paula Bruno said...

SUPER I'll watch for it! And share with Dad I'm sure!