Friday, May 2, 2014

More research and Cushions :)

It's been too cold to do much physical work so I'm planning. Clementine's side seams leak. I need to strip the aluminum of old paint and get a clean surface to work with and make it all super watertight.

Aluminum paint strippers
     best- Eldorado PR 2002 for aircraft
     better-  auto body methylene chloride
     good-   nitromoors

-paint thinner, goof off and paint strippers should work in small areas.  Paint on, let it work and scrape off. Use scotchbrite and it must be between 65-85 degrees outside.

Fiery Racing Tire -
Tires.  My tires are P155/80R13. Not many places make or sell them like this anymore.  Pepboys in Brooklyn Center, MN has them for $38 each.
      - If I want to go thicker, the local Tires Plus has P 175/80R13 for $45 each.

My faucet leaks. I found an RV supplier that has them for $5. You have to order by phone and so far there's no answer, but I'll keep trying. They have tubes of sealant for $0.50 each. I just don't know what this sealant is for. Hopefully anything RV related. Here's hoping.

toilet essentials-
       - RV toilet paper that will totally dissolve
       -- deoderizing chemical, or cheaper would be pine stove pellets- they absorb 20x's the liquid they touch. $4/ 40 lb bag in the heating section of a big box store.  You'd need to plan on using 2 cups a day.

 Though I didn't want to pick out fabric for the cushions until after the interior was painted, the clock is ticking so I went with what I normally like in homes- white. I picked up around 30 yds of off-white canvas at a fabric store going out of business. It cost me about $15 and I'll use this fabric for everything including some extra slip covers for the seating areas. That way, when the inevitable stains happen, I'll be able to remove and wash. I have treated all the fabric with Rustoleum's NeverWet, that I mentioned in yesterday's post. So far, even crisp white seems s'more proof.

Cushions took about 1 hour each. I mention this, because I paid my way through college working as a seamstress. I own a few industrial sewing machines and I am here to say that these cushions were TOUGH. I know my way around the fabric rodeo and these puppies took time and skill. Just be prepared.

The quick tutorial is 1) remove fabric from cushions.  2) repair holes.

3) cut new fabric to wrap overtop of old. Leave zipper exposed.

4) restuff with foam, treat with stain preventer.

With the weather too cold to work outside, I also made us camping pillows. 5 matching, easy to wash pillowcases, and see that pocket on each? 

That pocket contains a sleeping eye mask cover and a set of earplugs. I decided that this camper can be as sturdy and watertight as... well, a water bottle- but if we can't sleep, we'll be hating it.

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