Monday, May 12, 2014

Priming the interior

 There's some actual, concrete, VISIBLE progress today. Taped and began priming.

I've ordered new tires and wheels which will come next week. Also, all TWELVE of the reflector/light caps have to come off and have years of paint removed to get them sparkle-y again.

 The first mistake of the remodel! I painted the door what I thought would be a sunshiney yellow. Next to the vintage toned colors, it didn't come out as planned. Harvest gold appliances, anyone? It's now white again.
  Every drawer and door needs a latching handle so that they don't fly open every time you drive over a bump. I chose a casement window latch that reminded me of a ship.  The problem is that the drawer and base must be flush for them to work. Below picture shows that my drawer fronts are raised= problem for my pretty hardware.
 I chose to add wood pieces to raise the base.
 Here's one installed. Woops, the wood cracked a bit when I neglected to predrill my screw hole. Nothing a little caulk won't fix.

Happy Trails!  I'm camping in TWO DAYS!

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