Friday, February 11, 2011

Extreme Makeover-- extremely ugly love seat

After a few commercials. Some tears. A few days of me leaving it out in the sun hoping that the radiant heat from a billion degree ball of fire will melt out the this-ladies-hair-is-purple vibe I get every time I'm near this piece of furniture.
It is done.
Not the hot pink I was planning on when I initally started the re-upholstering. but this does fit better with the other furniture. I painted the frame with high gloss ebony, covered the whole thing in beige urban suede. (the kids like it because it feel's like the dog's ears) I like it because it holds scotch guard really well and is thus easy to clean.
So as this episode of Extreme Makeover-- the extremely ugly love seat edition, comes to a close, picture this little understated gem hoofing it's way into my living room, becoming the landing place for some cute heinies and maybe even a bowl of really sugary candy.

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