Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chrysanthemum Chandelier out of PingPong Netting


Speedy tutorial on how it was made:

Scarlett's room needed a lamp, something with a soft glow and something visually dramatic.

Inspirations: Chysanthemum +


 And I need something to enter into the sewdangcute crafting with the stars contest. 

  This is the story of how a quirky chandelier came to be.

It was a dark and stormy night and the fabric store powers that be realized that---now this is shocking-- but no one, really, NO ONE was buying ping pong netting.  So they marked it down to $2/yd. 

And then I suspect that they waited for me.  Because in crime drama stories like these, someone always waits.  Behind a newpaper.  Peaking over the top.  For the pretty lady to enter.

Well, the pretty lady did indeed enter and snapped up 2 yards of ridiculous fabric that the store really should just give away.  (REAlly, how many people are out there playing destructive enough games of ping pong to neccecitate the making of new nets. AND REALLY if there was a hefty populace of aggressive pongers out there, REALLY how many of them are the kind of chaps that would make their own nets?  how big's a ping pong net anyway?  I'm serious about this question because when I asked for two yards, the saleslady gave me quite a look., like she suspected that I might be one of those people and I need to get my story straight for next time.)
1)  I cut out squares and sewed them into tubes

2) I folded the tubes into themselves and cut the folded edge. 

see that fold on top and how I cut down about 4 inches  but DID NOT cut all the way!!  You've been warned!

2) make a bunch of cuts all along folded edge.  your tube will start to resembe a flower

3) I repeated this  20 times. to get 20 flowers

4) find a light. this was in the ikea AS-IS section for $1

5) Instead of sewing these 'flowers' together (that would have taken wild amount of thread and I'm not a patient woman), I used floral wire. End is like a needle and you just wire together the bases.

That was about it.  I toyed with the idea of spraypainting it a brilliant yellow, but wasn't sure what kind of toxins it could release when under a heat source.  So here is au natural chandelier crafted from ping pong netting.



Tiffany said...


I love it! I have a bunch of nylon lawn chair replacement stuff that the previous owners left in the basement. oh! the possibilities! you are so fantastic. bless you.

Tiffany said...

Where did you find that wallpaper, jenny?

pickygirl said...

That 'wallpaper' is fabric. I can't commit. and on top of that, oh, oh, oh, the hours i've spent removing other peoples wallpaper. I found fabric I liked and I (cover your ears, Chuck) I stapled it to wall. It was a really manly stapler and somehow that makes me feel better about what I did. I'm a cracker jack wiz at patching drywall so when I tire of blk/white, I'll patch and move on. Chuck will never know...

Katie and Lane said...

cool idea! As for stapling your walls- on the Nate Berkus show he showed you how to put fabric on walls with starch and then it peels off when your done and there is nothing to clean up. He has lots of great non permanent ideas.

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

um..i featured this last week! might have forgotten to tell you!