Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scary how easy it is to make a fun ENTRY WAY

Our entry is ready for Fall---

Below is the BEFORE picture................

Entry BEFORE.   Our entry was SCARY.  And not the good Halloween kind. Cobwebs, misplaced furniture and DULL.

In order to ring in Fall a bit better, I revamped and it was scary how easy it was to do.
                                   P.S.  See that tile? I laid that.

Entry AFTER:

Here's what was done: I picked things that seemed spooky to me, but not mummy/skeleton in the face scary.

Pumpkins added to the Fall feel and brought color. Other than that I stuck with black and white to make the pumpkins pop.

Mirror I installed myself. I'll give a tutorial on that in a later post. To halloween-it-up, I stuck on a dead tree + raven cling which I got during the mark downs last season. I stuck one to the green box (I chose box because it looked like something someone's ashes could be stored in).

One of my favorite touches was to drape an old chair in a sheet to give a Miss Havisham feel.

Collection of old birdcages was spray painted a unifying black. I've been collecting these for awhile and none cost more than $3 and most looked to have been painted by the Easter Bunny. Black makes them look burnt and gives the "shell of life" vibe.

Coral was chosen because of it's white like an old bone and because its DEAD. Spooky.

Even Elvis made the grouping. Any black and white image would do, but I like dead, famous and how everybody and their cat has claimed to have seen him. Spooky. And also unexpected.

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LuciRae said...

LOVE the black bird cages!!! So cute.