Friday, November 4, 2011


Betsy gets dressed up every year. It's a shame she's blind and misses out on seeing how GOOD she looks.  This year that whole pesky not being able to see thing made it tough for her to decide what to dress up as, so here's option two:

Scarlett was a lion and learned to say, "RawHHRR" for her candy.

Brother and sister were two Jedi's (I know apostrophe is wrong, but I don't think in the history of the English language anyone had to write the plural of Jedi.)  They were different things for different parties, but for the actual evening, costume decisions were guided by the fact that both wanted to hold one of those monster light-up light sabers with the sound effects.

K is wearing an AWFUL wig, it's actually a mullet wig I got for chuck for last halloween. We just twisted up the longish part into the princess Leia ear buns. By the by, I'll share that my absolute favorite part of being a wife during Halloween is having a husband who's too busy to plan out his costume so year after year says, "I'll just put on whatever you get." Anyway, it's like this little personal challenge to see how far I can push it.  Last year my straight laced Dr. was a greasy, mullet-sporting trucker- it was choice.

This year....

 Jose Cuervo

We're a dry house so it gave me the giggles. You can tell the little lion wasn't a fan. You're missing the poncho and the case of rum in this picture-- it was frigid and he tried to get away with a normal man's jacket. In the end he went out with a Dracula cape and did this whole Mexican/ Transylvanian, "Hey leetle kid, You whaaan some Caaaaneee?"

 Happy Halloween and onto Fall! 

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