Friday, November 4, 2011

Inspiration for Katie's house

  Love this, white and that goldy-beige color. I think it would look with more dark wood accents (like the bench legs).  Also has the silver we love AND punches of color.

  I thought the relaxed feel of this room would work with your style.  Over do the drapes, make like your windows are enormous.  beigey, silver, white, cream.  Check out the layout of this room-- sofa pulled away from wall, lounge chair has oversized foot print and DOESN't have a match.  Dresser in a living room. humongous mirror, of course

this one's main purpose is to show that it's okay to be a bit over decorated/over crowded.  We both lean so far toward the barren/sparse end of the spectrum. Also check out how wrong this room would be without that chandelier. it would look totally bottom heavy and jumbled.

I included this one to show color on walls. and also, we can slipcover your chairs to make them cohesive. I have loads of white canvas.  Big mirror, check.  Roughed up table, check. unexpected rug?  could make the downstairs space feel more living room?

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