Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Valentine Heart Wreath

I'll start off showing the After (above)

And then below is how they started out:

We have hated these frou-frou grandma front doors since moving in. And if you know the story of how truly troubled our house was, that we had any energy to despise one of the few things that worked is saying a lot about how ugly they are. This spring we're starting the next phase of the remodel and they're finally budgeted to be replaced. I'm hoping for something arisan-crafted of beefy wood, round-topped and befitting a cottage in Snow White's neighborhood.  The thing is, those cost a lot and when it comes right down to it, I always back out when it's time to write the check. 

So in an effort to make sure I've tried everything with these doors,sort of my therapy, I grabbed up a can of Tiffany blue paint and let them have it. The kids loved it and wanted to decorate it for Valentine's so we made a wreath together out of stuff I had within arm's reach.

Grab two wire hangers and bend them into heart shapes.  Don't make them exactly the same size, I wanted my heart bigger at the bottom so that's where my sizes are the most different-- the fabric will fill in the spaces. I left the hanger-hook part untouched so that I would later be able to hand the wreath from it.

Cut Scraps of fabric into lengths. Tie around heart shape, the messier, the better.

Just keep tying and before you know it, your carpet will be covered in fabric sheddings and your kids will be squealing about how beautiful their creation is.

The cottage-by-the-sea blue isn't my favorite now that it's up there, but it will be fine for the month of Feb. In March, I'm painting the doors black.

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