Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Spring does to us around here

Something about warm weather makes me a little crazy to be crazy.  I want to run, talk loud and fast and, on the dangerous side of the street I want to make a big mark in the world. My cool husband Chuck has introduced me to power tools, passports and fast cars and lately the ways to 'make my mark' are CRAZY fun!

Here's Chuck delivering my toy for the weekend.  And I have to say, during the snapping of this shot, while listening to the roar of the engine and watching the way those treads tore up my sod, I was planning out the reasons we should just return it.  But....

  There was a LOT of land moving to be done and have you ever tried to dig out a basketball hoop by hand? I tried. And it was impossible.

The bobcat worked much better.

I cowboyed up and drove a bobcat. Can I tell you a secret? One of the first things that made me fall in love with my husband is that he described me as someone who likes to pretend to be sponatneous.  That's me, perfectly.  I'd never had anyone know me well enough to see that-- I didn't even realize it about myself until he said it.  I love the thrill of pretending. I want to be that girl who's up for anything, but in reality, I'm not a trigger-puller. So beyond knowing me better than I know myself and still loving me, Chuck also shows up with bobcats so I have no excuse but to be that wild girl.

What the bobcat did:
1) scratched out turf for front walkway

2) These stone steps each weigh about half a ton. Yeah, I tried to hand move those, too before breaking down and doing the whole bobcat thing.
Beyond the pile of stone is the site for the future outdoor fireplace. Pallets of stone were moved into place for this.
3) Extend driveway.
4)1/4 acre of brush and stone had to be relocated
5) I needed another thing crossed off bucket list. I HIGHLY recommend bobcat piloting.
6)mountain of dirt along street property line flattened to make way for fence.

I married a rockstar of a husband because I will fully admit that I was TERRIBLE at driving this thing. I moved a bit of dirt about--stuff a semi-spastic monkey could be trained to do. Chuck did the real work and put in a 12 hour day. Nerdy as it is,  I think it's hot to see your man drive a beast of machinery and even hotter when he does it into the evening. Some girls like boxes of chocolates. (Those girls don't get nearly as much done around the house.)
I don't know if anyone's interested in seeing finished yard pictures, but I'll try and post some of the work we do this Summer.

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Chelsea said...

You are hilarious! I'm really impressed that you (a) rented that thing; (b) drove it; and (c) actually got stuff done in your yard. Super brave!