Monday, June 11, 2012

keychain wristlets

 These keychain wrist fobs are super easy and a super inexpensive gift to give. 

First you need key fob hardware. I picked mine up at Amazon – 50 sets for $19 – so that’s 38 cents each.
-You’ll also need some cotton webbing. Since I bought 1″ key fob hardware, I picked up a few yards of 1″ nylon webbing at my local fabric store in a bunch of sweet colors. You can get 3 or 4 out of a yard, and a yard was 40 cents. So that’s an additional 10 cents per key fob. So we’re up to 48 cents each.
-Then you’ll need some pretty ribbon. Make sure it is thinner than your cotton webbing, so 3/4″ or less for me. Ribbon ranges in price but let’s say it was super fancy ribbon at $2 a yard, so that’s an additional 50 cents per keychain.
Total cost? 98 cents each. For a totally adorable homemade gift. Yay!

Cut length of webbing desired length. Cut accent ribbon or just plain old fabric to same length.

Fuse the two together. stitch the two together. Trim the edges.  For added strength, I stitched the frayed edges and then melted mine with a match. Next pinch hardware closed onto frayed edge. (Note: I covered the edges of my pliers with tape to keep them from scuffing the pretty key fob hardware.)

Add ring and put in a cute box for Uber love from your friends.

Here's the original website the idea came from.

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