Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reseal Marble countertops- DIY

Check it out-- still wet, but on the way to being luscious!

We had another month of construction projects and with that came a month of 5 of us slamming tools down on my pretty countertops. They were getting a bit dinged up.  A bit of crimson nailpolish there, some eternally bonded gorilla glue here, grunge here and there.

The above is just not good.

I didn't know this until a really hip sculptor told me, but marble is really soft. This means you can shape it with just sandpaper. I put these countertops in myself three years ago and so I'm not afraid of ruining them. I'll give a quick tutorial on how to do this, but be warned, sanding your countertops will DEFINITELY void your warranty.  And P.S. You don't have to do your entire kitchen-- you can spot-sand and seal.

Step one: sand with a handheld orbital sander. I used 80-220 grit depending on how deep I needed to go.

Step two: clean off dust. A heaping load of dust. Holla if ya love dusty furniture!

Step 3: Apply sealant. I used Bulletproof, a sealant a granite installer recommended. Use lambswool applicator for smoothest finish and apply it thick. The sealant I got was for floors. This seemed to me that if if would work where heels dance jigs, then it would do the job where plates are slid.  (And yep, I did this same method when I installed three years ago and have been superpleased with how it held up. But folks, none of this stuff is eternal.)

Step 4-7 Keep layering on the sealant. And keep chasing those nosy kids who want to "touch the gloss" away.  Minimum 24 hours of no touching.


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Gina (Lady Goats) said...

Um. You have a gorgeous kitchen! I have laminate, so will have NO use for this... but I'm sure others will LOVE to know that they can just sand their marble!