Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brighten eyes in Photoshop tutorial


The above picture is one I took the other day. Nothing special, so a good one to see if I can create something pretty.

Here is a close up of S after I brightened her eyes. 

Here's the steps I took to brighten the eyes using photoshop elements:

Use the Magnetic lasso, right click to make sure the middle, magnetic one is selected. Feather set to 5

I need to select both eyes, HOW? at the top left of screen are boxes. select the second from left, the "add to selection" box.  This will add the two eyes together and make one layer of them.

Lasso the eyes.  If you make mistake, just go back, hit delete and continue.

Next need to put in layers box by going to Edit-> copy. and Edit--> paste.  You get a new layer of only eyes.

Filter--> other --> hi pass  radius 20

Layers, normal --> soft light.

to double the effect, click on bottom right to create new layer.

Now, I'll go and fix up the entire photo, just didn't want to forget how to do this.

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T said...

She is so beautiful!