Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Enormous Photograph for under $10

We've had a lot of very traditional art in our home and I wanted to youth-ify a few corners. I love the trend of huge pictures and with a few glances at pinterest I realized I could DIY instead of buying. Mwahhhahhahah!
  My finished picture is 3'x 4'.  I ordered an engineer's print at Staples--they only come in black and white, but that's what I wouls have chosen anyway. $7.20.
  I shopped the Home Depot cull wood cart and bought some 1x2's. I made a frame and stretched canvas overtop securing with upholstery staples. $2 and a lot of fun for my son to build and my daughter to paint.

Coat your canvas with mod podge and smooth your print on.
I coated mine 2-3 more times and let it dry in the sun.

  Ta- da!
there are quite a few ripples and wrinkles in this final product-- the kids really wanted to help and I learned the lesson that glue-soaked paper stretches when rubbed with kid hands.  I'm happy with it.

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