Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Take-out baskets from Paper Plates

I don't like sending people home with scuzzy tupperware.

But, usually it's scuzzy tupperware or a paper plate-- this basket is made with the latter.

Here's a cute way to send your guests home with leftovers and all you need is pictured below:

 paper plates, craft paper and a device to stick it all together- stapler or glue gun.

Cut the paper plate sort of like you'd cut out a pinwheel.  Fold along those lines and I staple my basket together being sure to staple the handle in at the same time. 

I use a rubber band to help hold the shape while I staple the handle in place.  I cover the staples by gluing on a band of pretty paper that matches the handle.

Add tags and cuteness and you're now a memorable hostess (at least to those who enjoy presentation and don't mind small portions.)

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