Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hosting Cousin's Camp

  Did I sound worried the last time I posted about this upcoming event?  Well, if you didn't sense utter panic, then you weren't reading closely enough, or maybe I'm one of those catatonic writers when it comes to freak-outs.  It was a stage 7 hurricane. (That's a quote from one of the dopes on The Bachelor Pad and it means B.A.D.)

But then the cars began arriving, 27 pillowcases found 27 pillows, 27 towels were placed around the house, cupboards were labeled, family welcome baskets found 27 blankets, garbage disposal sanitized, (I got a little nutty, but let me tell you this place smelled the bomb-diggity).  Twenty-Seven Relatives Came To Stay.

And it was awesome!

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Sara Beth said...

Yes Yes it was. So grateful I am one of those 27. Your house did smell really good!