Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School

This is what it looks like as a 4th grader has her breakfast before her first day of school.   follow the jump if you want to see more of our first day.


 You got to check out each other's styles (that's 4th grader talk for all you old fogies).

 Scarlett is not at all ready for school (I'm not at all ready) but she got a turtle backpack and filled it with socks and we walked the big kids to their school and their classes. Darnitall, but not one of those classes required a backpack full of socks, so she agreed to come home with me and eat fruit snacks and bon bons, because that's what we mothers do when the kitties are away.

I especially want to remember what those first day of school shoes look like.

 Now it's almost 3 and it's time for me to get baking.  We have a tradition my mom started when I was little, "every first day deserves a cookie".

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