Monday, September 24, 2012

Making a Fairy Door

This post is dedicated to my inspirational friend, Tiffany. She's the kind of mom who lets her kids roll in the mud or make enough bubbles to overflow the sink. She makes blanket forts and doesn't see why elementary school libraries should have fiction sections- because knights and fairies and their tales are real in a happy child's mind. Today, I was a little bit like Tiffany.
    My kids have a tree that they swear a leprechaun lives in. They write the little neighbor notes, blame him for a lack of frogs and frequently he leaves them candy (possibly he is feeling guilty for frog thievery, I may never know).  Until today, the tree just looked like any other tree.  Today I put a door in and now am just waiting for the kids to discover that their little buddy looks to be making some housing upgrades.

Wanna make one of your own? Here's the tutorial after the jump.

Here's what you need:

 and some construction adhesive.

 Lay your door on the tree in position and then, now take a deep breath here, tree lovers... and chisel into the bark a bit. Trees are round, doors are flat, it must be done if your door is to look real.
    Next, add the door knob to the door, screwing it in from the black. I used an extra drawer pull. Glue door in place.  I also hit it with a screw because I know how curious my kids are.

Add a walkway of stone steps and a bit of moss. 

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