Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rugged Maniacs and Soft Hugs

 My husband and his brother became boys again this past weekend.  To fend off the illusion that a birthday meant that one was getting older, they ran the Rugged Maniac.
 I'm a teensy weensy bit embarrassed that I didn't do it with them, but only a teensy bit.  While the boys got filthy and bungled up, I got to do the opposite.  

    Pause for you to figure out the opposite.... did you come up with clean and non injured?  Well, that's close.  I should say I got to do the amplified opposite. 
 Here's the brave boys, manly in their survival of a race that eats lesser men for breakfast.

This is my nephew K. He has autism and is just a bit younger than my son.

In the week before the boys came, I spent a bit of time searching for toys that K would have fun with.  The biggest hit was one that he found on his own- a neon green tupperware bowl. Guess what I'm going to mail him for Christmas-- SHH! don't tell!

Having Dave come out made my husband feel younger and goofier, which is the best gift he'll probably ever get.  They ate food that would make a Viking feel gluttonous and they got a new arsenal of inside jokes.  If you want to be part of the in crowd, drop a reference to yellow spandex, vmo's, and mango cheesecake. Really, just skip the reference to mango cheesecake and go out and buy it and eat it and don't share it.

The highlight of the visit was seeing the cousin's play together. Charlie really loved his cousin. And when the balls came tumbling down the stairs, there was no autism. There were just two ecstatic boys.

 I have only a handful of photos that aren't blurred like I was trying to capture olympic sprinters. I really wish I could've captured the giggles.
It was a marvelous weekend.  If you're wondering what the amplified opposite of filthy and bungled up is, it would be loved and gentled and happy to have one more little boy to love.

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