Sunday, December 30, 2012

Things that make the kids giggle

Is it possible that I'll very soon forget what makes them laugh? Here's a list to file away and maybe revisit in 5 years. The first unmanned blog time capsule of elementary school humor.

Next is this winner of me as a baby in 1981, Muncie, Indiana. I really can't believe I even have access to this- my grandpa shot the video on 8 mm and my coolest aunt in the world has transferred it all to digital.  I think, "treasure", the kids think "hilarious". I'm the chubby one on Gram's lap- the youngest one sporting the really prevalent mushroom haircut. That's Grandpa Jones in the barely-there shorts and Uncle Jay in the headband. There's no sound.

They love looking at their old notes with silly spelling. Translation of the above note that Charlie wrote: " I hope we can do a garage sale and can I play school? I love you mom and dad so much. Tell me if we can buy the stuff."


Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

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