Thursday, January 3, 2013

Elf visits Eden Prairie

We had an elf stay with us over the month of December- sort of a study abroad as he worked his way up the steep corporate ladder to the toy making department of the North Pole.

snow angels in powdered sugar.  Next day he took a bubble bath in a sink full of mini marshmallows.

 took a boat out for a spin, he went fishing with licorice rope for Swedish fishies.  He had a toy buddy helping him in these shenanigans.
He replaced Daddy's healthy cereal for Sugary yumminess.
Egg snowman. One day they caught him drinking syrup from a straw.  He rolled himself down all the house's stairs in a sort of bungee cord sled of toilet paper.
Teeny tiny count down chain.  There were quite a few teeny tiny crafts he did, little notes, little footprints of powdered sugar, etc. He made a fireplace fire out of twinkle lights and red cellophane where he hung stockings- Daddy's name was crossed off and replaced with "Elf".

His final farewell was to talk Santa into replacing and delivering the toys from his California grandparents (they're credit card number had been stolen and so the presents were going to be very late). Elf and Santa saved the day to thank the kids for being such kind hosts to Elf.
  They woke up to a wall of tinsel blocking their doors and a note from Santa and Elf.

18 Hysterical Ideas for Elf on the Shelf

Elf's last night - use hinged jewelry boxes and a bit of pipe cleaner to make mini suitcases. on his first day and his last, little suitcases made from ring box+ pipecleaner handle.

Other things I hope he does next year:
-  makes doughnuts out of cheerios,
- changes family pictures to be of him
 - paint kid's noses red when they're sleeping and blame rudolph
- something to the dog- saddle her or replace dog food with syrup
awesome site of mischief-

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