Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Redecorating plans

That black wall, those white chairs
 Bright Chairs and train stop signs stenciled on black wood 1x6's

This front door
Finish recovering this sofa
 paint some furniture with words
 These chairs. And while I'm already copying this room- the painting, too.
 Piece of acrylic glass, super adhere on some dolly wheels = Lux table.

this whole room- the wooded walls, the crate style bins and enormous POMPOMS

A wall that looks like luminous swirled plaster
 A bed piled high with So Many vibrant fabrics.

That old artsy mini loveseat that would be impossible to properly reupolster and add springs to- just wrap it in rope.
get a HUGE picture like this for living room wall- like 6'x 10' tall.
 It's a- okay (and stunning) to have quirky sort of unfinished upholstery jobs. And stripes!
exercise room into studio

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