Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Camper Day 3

FREEEZING COLD! My hands were freezing everytime I held a tool, so today was a big research on the computer day. Here's the results:

 This metal trim on the camper actually leaves me a bit weak in the knees with honest-to-goodness-love. I researched J-channel for mine and it comes to about $1/foot. I need a bazillion feet, so most likely I will just learn to strip aluminum this weekend.

 I want Clementine to have some bling and so have priced out some diamond plate like the above picture. "Oh, how do you get such connections, J?" Well, the truth is that I am conniving. With the weather sitting at frigid and unworkable, I made cookies and visited my local mechanic. I did the same thing last week before even owning a camper, in order to lay the groundwork to the friendship. This time when I showed up with cookies, Mike was all too happy to see me again and answer a few of my questions.
  Things I learned-
1) Never wire brush alumimum- use scotch brite pads
2) diamond plate supplier just north of me-  Metal supermarkets, BP 9210 Wyoming ave north, st    275 (s of hwy610) 763-315-4042  ask for Jim.  6.5’x 2’ 100 diamond plate aluminum =$95.83

3) rustoleum can be tinted at Menards
4) good campsite links (gull lake, MN is a pristine army corps of engineers fishing mecca)

I also researched Awnings- I think one will really elevate Clementine from trashy camper to destination.  Like this picture:


I can buy fabric, but poles, securing it to the camper and making it weatherproof are my next challenges.  
Fleetfarm sells steel awning poles that fold down and extend to 8’ for about $13.  I add the awning and some tie downs and figure out the wire in the channel way to attach it to my trailer and I’ll be all set.

NeverWet is a Rustoleum product that sprays on and I think will do the trick.  I will also use it on the trailer's couch cushions which I plan to recover in off-white canvas.

 The floor will be scraped and peel and stick linoleum will be placed. I'd love to go with a bleached wood look, but I'm not having much luck in my price range of Cheap. Menards has:

And if you've read this far, then I'm hoping you're a friend and I can now dive into the ickier parts of camper updating. The toilet.

 Oh, you don't see it? Clementine's toilet is hiding behind that low cupboard door to the left of the above picture.  Its a pull out box with a toilet seat glued to the top. GEEEERRRROOOOOS!
I'd like to upgrade to a portable chemical toilet.

 here's my research on toilets and how they work: 

Chemical toilet info video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhELPhb--Lg

I need new lighting for Clem's interior. I'll go with LED bulbs to conserve the energy. Did I tell you that we're going to set her up to be solar powered? I'm going to learn a lot this summer about living off the grid like a hillbilly.

 Happy Trails!

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Katie @ sweetgirlexpressions said...

I'm fascinated by your work on Clementine...I can't wait to see how she turns out :)