Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Camper DAY 4

Still SOOOO cold that I can't even use most of my supplies like primer because it has to be above freezing for anything to work.  The clock is ticking because I just reserved a campsite for Mother's Day weekend.

All about how to solar power- GOOD!   http://www.otherpower.com/popup.html

Look at the "frequently bought together section: $330 rather than $1000 we were ready to spend at Menards

 Below is a diagram of supplies you need in order to get usable energy, either 110 V or a normal plug- we're going with normal plug- I don't want to buy all new stuff that would work on 110V

My water tank has a crack in it. Replacing the entire box will cost $100 + shipping and I'm worried I'd order the wrong thing. Luckily, my genius husband pointed out that the tank is plastic and can likely be repaired. Yes, indeedy, youtube- the authority on all things- confirms that I just yank it out, find crack, heat up soldering tool and fix it.  We'll see how that goes.

 -new tires, since we have no idea how old these are and don't want to deal with a flat right away.
 - wire shelving in closet. I'll measure my bedding and food supplies so I can make shelves just the right size.
-new portable toilet

On the upside, with it being so cold, I haven't purchased any new supplies, so I'm still sitting at $25

Happy Trails!

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