Monday, May 12, 2014

Mini Fairy Door

The other day, a magical discovery was made behind an old piece of furniture in my daughter's room. We moved the bookcase and low and behold- a mini door.
  I was able to video tape the whole thing when the kids found it and it's something I'm going to cherish for a long time. There is absolute magic in the imagination that children have.

1) Buy a little door. This one is nice.

2) Prime, then paint your door. I chose gold paint that shimmers only when the sun hits it just right. Magical!

3) take flat handsaw and cut (yes, be brave) into your baseboard. The cleaner your cut, the less caulking you'll have to do on the finish end.

4)Glue door in place using construction adhesive

5) caulk cracks and touch up paint
6) Now this is the important final step... hide it and wait. Let the kids find it so they're imaginations won't be hampered with logic of seeing you with tools and a mess and pointing them to look at a certain wall. The moving of a bookcase coincided with St. Patrick's Day and lots of talk of leprechauns.

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