Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Finished Camper

 1969 14 ft Aristocrat Lo-liner. Vintage trailer complete overhaul and remodel.

Done diggity dog and we've been enjoying her for weeks, but I'm just getting around to posting pics because... obviously we've been spending so much time in our camper!

 All canvas upholstery is salvaged from a friend's actual boat sail canvas. Sturdy galore and white- two things I wanted but doubted I could get. But get, I did. All fabric has been treated with moisture and stain barrier- you can read about it in previous post.

Yes, indeed, that's a gilded gold framed Starry Night painting.  High falutin' camping going on in these her parts.

 Love these curtains and huge mega bonus is that when you follow me from behind it looks like my camper's sporting a tramp stamp.

 Just for a review, here are a few of the "Before" shots.

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Katie and Lane said...

Awesome! I can't believe all the things you had to do to this camper. Way to go Jen.